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Ellen Weaver Paquette


Ellen Weaver Paquette, MA, CAGS

NCDA Fellow and Master Trainer Preceptor

Principal, Développé, LLC.
Adjunct Faculty, Counseling, Rhode Island College

1-(401)-862-0649  ET
Skype: ellen.weaver.paquette

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Ellen provides Facilitating Career Development training / certification and Facilitating Career Development Instructor training

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Career counseling sessions and career coaching packages available .

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Ellen Weaver Paquette, MA, CAGS is a Master Trainer Preceptor with NCDA. She has been elected to the Board of Directors, is recognized as a Fellow and holds prestigious awards for her contributions.

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By offering Live as well as Online Instruction, Ellen has ensured anytime access to her unique and high quality career development education.

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