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Chicago NCDA Conference

Ellen Weaver Paquette, MA, CAGS June 30, 2023, Ellen presented “Onboarding for New Career Services Staff in Higher Education in the US“.

She is also developing a new workshop “Career Options for Restless Career Services Staff.”

US/Egyptian NCDA/FCD Event Feedback

Event Feedback

“A professional career program. Thank you, Coach Ellen and Coach Maha. Thank you to all the colleagues, you have added a lot with your contributions, keep shining”

“Thank God for the completion of the first stage of our professional career guidance program under the leadership of Maha and Ellen. It has got me back after years of professional experience to the starting point of choosing my specialization to searching for a job to analyze things. I did not know then what it meant and how it would reflect on my future…as if it is a capsule that stored many memories.:”

“All the thanks and appreciation to Ms. Ellen and Ms. Maha. Grateful for your contributions and for the rich information in the field of facilitating career development.”

“Thank you, Ms. Ellen and Ms. Maha for all that you provided. All the thanks and appreciation and respect for all your efforts during the past weeks and the remarkable development that I and the group achieved.”

The statements above are unsolicited, spontaneous comments that have 
been translated from Arabic to English, retaining their authenticity

Joint US/Egyptian NCDA/FCD Team

In May 2023, Ellen traveled to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as part of a joint US/Egyptian NCDA/FCD training team. 40 selected participants were chosen by King Saud University from various sectors and locations in the Kingdom to engage after 2f2 days of training with the rest of the training being online.

The Career Confidante

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The Career Confidante

Featured Guest


Ellen Weaver Paquette

Ellen Weaver Paquette has taught career counseling courses for 30 years to thousands of graduate students at three colleges/universities (mostly first-generation college students as undergraduates) who were preparing to assist disenfranchised populations gain traction in education and employment. Her CAGS thesis examined the attributes of success through professional counseling functions for cooperative education faculty and staff in New England. Her work continues to be cited in new journal articles. She was the Guest Editor of the referred Journal of Cooperative Education and guest author. She has trained adults in workforce development in state agencies, higher education and K-12 environments. She has offered many FCD courses in the United States and in the Middle East (including Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Turkey, and UAE) and in Malaysia, Singapore, and Ukraine. She has trained most of the current NCDA Instructors and several now Master Trainers. She is well known for her work in career development in higher education as a Director of a Career Center, (direct contact with 2,000 students annually), as an Associate Director for a college-wide advising center (all new and transfer students direct contact with 1,500 students annually) and for her college committee work on student retention. She has taught graduate courses in career counseling in person and online and offered career development workshops in LMI through the RI Department of Labor and Training.