Ellen Weaver Paquette
Ellen Weaver Paquette

Ellen Weaver Paquette Is an expert Career Development Instructor that provides quality online courses and Webinars

Ellen Weaver Paquette, MA, CAGS is a Master Trainer Preceptor with NCDA.  She has been elected to the Board of Directors, is recognized as a Fellow (second highest level of recognition within NCDA) and holds prestigious awards for her contributions.
Ellen has taught graduate courses in career development to clinical mental health therapists, school psychologists, rehabilitation counselors and school counselors in training at three colleges and universities for many years.  She is recognized for her depth of knowledge, insight and humor.  Students remark, “She doesn’t even open the textbook or look at notes, she just knows the material so well.”

She has trained FCD candidates and qualified FCD Instructor candidates around the works, especially in the US and in the Middle East. Ellen is known for her aptitude with adult learners, especially as they navigate through the field of career development.

As a career counselor, Ellen holds two advanced degrees in counseling and has extensive experience in career services and in higher education administration.”


Certifications & Awards

Ellen Weaver Paquette

Ellen Weaver Paquette

Ellen Weaver Paquette


NCDA Fellow and Master Trainer Preceptor Principal, Développé, LLC.
Adjunct Faculty, Counseling,
Rhode Island College

Ellen Weaver Paquette

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