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Frequently asked questions about FCD trainings plus career counseling and career coaching offerings

  • I am looking for NCDA’s FCD training/certificate. Do you offer it and what does it look like?
    I am an NCDA FCD Master Trainer Preceptor and have trained Master Trainers, Instructors and FCD’s in the US and in the Middle East. My trainings start every two weeks and are posted at careerconsultingconcepts.com and at ncda.org. The training itself is set by NCDA at 120 hours which I offer for 12 weeks with a little extension if needed to 12 weeks in finish the required project. One can have a high school diploma or a doctoral degree to become an FCD. Expect a weekly hour long zoom session with work in the required NCDA FCD Student Manual and several additional assignments including readings, discussion posts, interviews, a recorded intake interview with a client and a final project. At the successful conclusion of the training, a certificate of completion will be issued which allows the applicant to sit for the CSSP credential. This credential will be renewed yearly with a small fee and the completion of CEU’s over several years.
  • What should I look for in a career counselor to help me sort out some issues that are getting in my way to success.
    First, a career counselor in the US has at least a master’s degree in counseling so knows the field of mental health and is often a licensed mental health provider. They have had graduate level coursework in measurement so they can interpret Level B career assessments, many have specialized training past the master’s degree in the measurement field. Additionally, they know how to refer to a licensed mental health professional if they feel that such is needed. Career counselors also have an internship in career development and often work experience in the field. They will concentrate upon issues that might be holding the client back and make suggestions as to next steps as there might be job search concerns. They do not do job placements as a regular function and may or may not offer services such as a resume, LI or cover letter reviews. They may specialize in a population such as returning adults, recent immigrants, corporate profiles or those individuals who think that they may just want a change. They may also specialize in labor market information, help develop LI profiles, skill identification, portability of job skills, etc. Check out the video which addresses the differences between a career counselor and a career coach. A career coach may have had training to become a coach but might not as its neither a licensed nor a credentialed profession in the US. Many have business backgrounds; others do not have a formal education in counseling. Many will help develop resumes, CV’s, cover letters and help with a candidate’s job search. A career coach can also be a career counselor based upon previous qualifications.
  • I wish to become a FCD Instructor. Do I need to be an FCD or a CSSP first?
    No, but in some cases, it helps. Look at the application and its requirements posted here under “Becoming a FCD Instructor” to see if you qualify. The training is online at present and can be self-paced. My instructor trainings are listed as beginning every two weeks and can be arranged after notification of acceptance

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